Jordan Cooper

I’m a former stand-up comedian and former poker professional who has played DFS nearly full-time for 4 years. A perennial King of The Pitch contender, I have been consistently one of the top-ranked soccer players on DraftKings in addition to having multiple 5-6 figure GPP first-place finishes in NFL, NBA and MLB.

Known for having very conservative bankroll management, not massively multi-entering, and not chasing live final qualifiers, I am often made fun of as one of the most profitable “nits” in the industry.

I bring my frenetic personality to the DFS community as a contributor on RotoGrinders, co-host of the RotoWire Fantasy Soccer podcast & analyst on DraftKings Live video shows.


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Background & Knowledge


  • World Series of Poker (2005)
  • Cash Game Grinder (2003-07)
  • Middle Limit Hold'em
  • Short-Handed Play


  • Football Manager PC Game
  • Rotisserie Baseball
  • College Baseball Umpire
  • Youth Soccer Referee

Digital Marketing

  • Web Design
  • Web Analytics
  • PPC Advertising
  • E-Mail Marketing


  • 20 Years of Stand-Up Experience
  • Touring Performer (2007-11)
  • Joke Writing
  • Short-Form Improvisation

Research Process